Isabella Garwood

Tell a bit about yourself?

I am a New Zealander that moved to Australia when I finished studying, and found my way to Cyprus where I met my now fiancé. I love living in Europe both my parents are from Europe originally so I feel connected to this side of the world. I studied Arts and Media so being creative has always been my passion whether it’s in paper or with what I’m wearing. Besides fashion, I love my animals especially dogs, we have a Rottweiler and a Spaniel and they are everything to the family!


What is a typical day for you in Cyprus?

A typical day for me always starts with waking up around 5:30am and make an oat milk cappuccino to take back to bed with me. I love my mornings, this is where I catch up on emails and reading. I love to work out in the morning before breakfast, this is either a walk with my dog or a workout in the gym downstairs to move my body. If it’s a week day I usually am making content for brands and scheduling posts, and also take some time each day to learn some more Swedish as my fiancé is from Sweden and it would be fun to learn.


What are you looking forward to this summer stylewise?

This summer I am looking forward to lots of headscarves and linen. Baggy linen shirts to throw over your swimsuit at the beach has always been my go to over any other beach wear and seems to be the in trend, usually it’s me stealing my fiancé’s shirt and wearing that after my swim. Im also looking forward to more summery patterns and cotton lace fabric like my favourite M-KAE Hampson Dress I have been living in!


Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration by of course browsing through Pinterest and following some of my favourite style icon influencers. I also find inspiration by spending a few hours in my closet trying on clothes and styling them with different pieces and coming up with my own outfit ideas. Also watching old late 90-2000’s movies like Pretty Women and The Talented Mr Ripley for inspo from that era that is my favourite.


Your 5 must-have wardrobe staples

- White Linen shirt and pants set
- Blue low waisted straight denim jeans
- Simple tank top
- Celine Sunglasses that go with everything
- Pointed closed toe small heeled shoes 


Your favorite M-KAE piece and how would you style it?

My favourite M-KAE pieces are the coloured cardigans. I have three and I love to style them either open with jeans, or fully done up. Wearing an all white fit under the baby blue one especially adds a pop of color to the whole look which I love. I also love the white Boucle Dress styled with a wedge. This outfit is so me with the added belt to give it shape, as well as keep you warm 

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